DS Pest Solutions offer a range of services including:

Rodents – rats, mice and squirrels can cause untold damage to your property. In addition, rats and mice breed easily so if you have one, it is likely there are many others. This is a problem that needs to be dealt with quickly because not only could these rodents cause serious damage to wiring, they can also spread diseases such as Weil’s disease and salmonella.

Crawling insects – cockroaches, fleas, ants, bed bugs, silverfish, wood lice can be a common problem for property owners or businesses. While there are many over the counter solutions available, eradicating them on your own is often not possible, and fumigation treatment or chemical sprays carried out by a specialist will be necessary.

Flying insects – bluebottles, mosquitoes, cluster flies, moths and wasps are just some of the flying insects that can infest a property. Due to the risk of disease many of these flying insects to carry, and the risk of getting stung by wasps, their quick removal is essential. DS Pest Solutions will use our expertise to safely remove nests/treat infestations.

Honey bee swarm removal/bumble bee colonies – It’s not uncommon to get honey bee swams/bumble bee colonies, especially in the summer. While in most cases they should be harmless if left alone, many people prefer not to have them gathering at their property. DS Pest Control can safely collect any honey bee swarms as well as any accessible bumble bee colonies. We avoid the use of chemicals to treat bees where we can, and only do so as a last resort and when it is safe.

Fox Rabbit Deer Mole Control – contact our specialist in this type of control – Mr Spencer Platt – 07967 003286.

Dead animal removal – whether it is wildlife such as foxes and birds, it is not recommended that you try and remove dead animals yourself due to hygiene issues; this is why it is best to call an expert to help with the process.

Commercial services – we are also happy to carry out contracts with written reports for the catering and hospitality industry.

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